Women’s issues


Counseling for Women- Women’s Issues

Counseling for women focuses on concerns particular to women from adolescent to old age including the following:

Relational Issues for Women

Survivors of Trauma and Abuse

Social Issues for Women

Women’s Self-Esteem/Body Image/Sexuality

Christian Single Women (visit my post for more information)


Counseling can help a woman:

  • heal old hurts and wounds
  • forgive others or yourself
  • manage anxiety or depression
  • learn new ways of self care through restoring wellness of the mind, body, and soul connection
  • examine negative & faulty thought patterns and habits, and establish new thought patterns to set you up for success!
  • eliminate thoughts and feelings that are holding you back in the form of regrets, bitterness, and resentment
  • learn to express emotions and feelings in a healthy way


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